Rapid Water Extraction & Drying

Finding a flooded basement can bring with it a lot of stress and uncertainty. Calling in the Flood Doctor to deal with a basement clean up will take the worry out of the situation. We only specialise in water damage remediation and restoration and have years of experience. We have dealt with many flooded basements, getting them back to their original state as quickly as possible.

We clean up flooded basements in domestic and commercial properties, regardless of the severity. Working with you to carry out the clean up quickly, helping to mitigate any further damage

It is important that a basement flood is dealt with by the professionals, to ensure the area is completely dried out, cleaned and disinfected. It is not always possible to see the damage caused by flooding and if areas are left damp then bacteria can grow, leading to secondary damage and a health risk to those working or living in the property.

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Reasons why a basement can get flooded

There are a number of reasons why basements get flooded and it can happen at any time, even if your basement has never experienced a flood before. It is also something that is not always picked up straight away.

Here are some of the causes of flooded basements:

  • – Burst pipes
  • – High water table
  • – External flooding
  • Sewage back up 
  • – Water supply leak
  • – Damaged drainage
  • – Failed or lack of damp proofing

Different types of water:

When assessing a basement flood it is important to understand what type of water is in the basement as there are different hazards associated with different water types. Different factors help determine what type of water it is, the most important is where the water came from but also how long the water has been left for.

The different types of water are:

Clean Water – this water comes from kitchen appliances and water tanks. It is not No harmful to people, unless it has been left for too long. The water can cause damage to materials, floors, structures and furnishings . It does not contain bacteria or pathogens.

Grey Water – this water comes from washing and cleaning. It is non hazardous waste but does pose a moderate health risk to people and animals.

Black water – this water contains raw sewage. It is highly unsanitary and poses a high risk to human health. This water contains harmful bacteria and pathogens and can cause irreparable damage to materials it comes into contact with.

What you can do?

Upon discovering a flooded basement you will need to call in the professionals, there are however, a number of things you can do yourself but only if it is safe to do so. 

  • – Ensure the area is blocked off, to prevent the water being trodden through into other areas of the property and to prevent risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens.
  • – Turn off the water supply, if necessary, to minimise the level of flooding.
  • – Turn off electricity to the basement.
  • – Keep the area ventilated as much as possible, opening doors and windows. Air conditioning units will need to be turned off.

What we will do

We attend the property to carry out a survey and risk assessment. We will assess the damage and identify the causation, if this is unknown. We will then provide a tailored solution to your situation. Work can then start immediately, if required.

All of our highly trained technicians have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of water damage and remediations. They will wear the full personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times, ensuring all safety rules and requirements are adhered to.

We will:

  • – Pump out any standing water.
  • – Removed debris – identifying any items which can be salvaged, any which can’t be salvaged will be disposed of safely.
  • – We will clean, disinfect and dry the entire area.
  • – Any nasty odours will be neutralised.
  • – We will then restore the basement to its original condition.
  • – We will identify measures which can be put in place to stop the basement from being flooded again or measures which will limit the level of damage.
  • – We will present you with a visit report and a hygiene certificate to confirm the service carried out. These documents can be forwarded to your insurance company, if you wish to make an insurance claim.

If you have experienced a basement flood, call us today on 0800 285 1447

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