Construction Site Drying Solutions

At Flood Doctor, we offer a diverse range of drying solutions tailored for residential and commercial clients throughout London and the Home Counties.

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Why should you contact Flood Doctor?

Flood Doctor uses a specialised techniques designed to address the accumulation of moisture build up throughout building sites and on behalf of the construction sector; minimising downtime and getting you back up and running as quickly as possible!

As experts within the drying sector, Flood Doctor operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week; providing a rapid response to all urgent situations. Our team can handle all types of commercial drying projects from small to large commercial and domestic properties, whilst being accredited by the BDMA (British Damage Management Association).

Our team works with major insurance companies on a daily basis; whilst also managing projects internally with project/site managers, quantity surveyors and top level management to provide insight with regards to progress and estimated timelines.

Our remote monitoring software within our drying equipment allows us to monitor on-site without being there; a benefit for clients to save on costs that would otherwise be spent travelling to/from site to take readings.

Newly constructed properties often experience water retention, posing a risk of permanent damage if not promptly and efficiently addressed. If you observe signs of moisture build-up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for expert guidance. 

Example of a client floorplan, outlining escape of water/moisture among affected areas.

Why Choose Our Structural Drying Services?

Water has the potential to penetrate porous (hygroscopic) building materials such as plasterboard, concrete supports, flooring, and framework, reaching depths of over 20 centimeters in as little as 8 hours.

After a flood, water can seep into unexpected areas, including the bottom sill plates of walls and doors, as well as multiple layers of different materials. Property owners and building contractors must prioritise the thorough drying of the entire structure, otherwise they risk an extended time frame of delays and set backs if not immediately dealt with.

If you would like more information on our construction drying services, please give Flood Doctor a call today on 0800 285 1447

Construction Drying FAQs

Why is construction drying necessary after a flood or water damage?

Construction drying is crucial after water damage to prevent mold growth, structural damage, and other issues. It accelerates the drying process, minimising potential long-term problems and ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

How does Flood Doctor approach construction drying projects?

Flood Doctor employs advanced drying techniques, including industrial-grade dehumidifiers and drying equipment. Our experienced technicians assess the extent of the damage and create a customised plan to efficiently dry and restore your property.

What types of buildings or structures can benefit from construction drying services?

Construction drying is applicable to a wide range of structures, including residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and more. Flood Doctor’s services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each type of property.

How long does the construction drying process typically take?

The duration of construction drying depends on various factors such as the extent of water damage, the type of materials affected, and environmental conditions. Flood Doctor strives to complete the drying process as quickly as possible while ensuring thorough and effective results.

Are there any safety considerations during the construction drying process?

Yes, safety is a top priority during construction drying. Flood Doctor takes necessary precautions to ensure the safety of occupants and workers. We may use appropriate barriers, signage, and personal protective equipment to create a secure environment during the drying process.

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