Emergency Sewage Cleaning Service

The Flood Doctor provides a fast response service to sewage spills for customers (Domestic and Commercial). Sewage spills can have disastrous effects on your health and building. So regardless of the volume of sewage, it is important to act fast to limit the damage. We can have a technician onsite within hours of you contacting us. We carry out a full extraction and decontamination service, giving you peace of mind that your building is hygienic and safe to return to.

Our Sewage Cleaning Process Includes the Following:

– Extraction of sewage and water.
– Removal of all debris and materials that cannot be restored.
– Thorough drying out of all areas and materials that can be restored using state of the art drying equipment.
– Cleanup and disinfection of all areas to kill pathogens.
– Verification of the cleaning/disinfecting process using latest Hygiena EnSure Touch ATP meter which detects microorganisms including TVC, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliform and E. coli.
– Neutralise odours and remove harmful gases.


Mitigate the damage with a quick, fast and effective response from Flood Doctor.

Hygiena EnSure Touch ATP Tester

We have invested in the EnSURE™ Touch rapid surface hygiene ATP meter. This kit helps to validate our cleaning/disinfection processes and to make sure that the affected areas have been sanitised to the highest standard.

This system delivers a rapid, direct, objective measurement of cleaning efficiency for our technicians. Hygienic status and risk is also measured, primarily by the analysis of organic product residues.

It allows us to run a test upon the completion of the sewage cleanup, to ensure the work has been carried out correctly.

Using the best technology can be a huge part of completing remedial work. But it is only beneficial if the technicians fully understand how and where to use technology and also how to interpret the results correctly. Our technicians can do all of this and will happily provide you with a detailed explanation, giving you access to the data and reports.

Our technicians wear the correct, full required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This includes rubber gloves and boots, overalls, face masks and eye protection. Each of our technicians have the relevant vaccinations to protect them against diseases associated with sewage, such as hepatitis B and C.

Certified Professionals

We are certified by the British Damage Management Association.

Available 24 Hours

Regardless of when your incident occurs, we are on-hand to help 24 hours a day.

emergency response

Emergency Response

Our emergency response times mean we can mobilize and be with you within 2 hours.

All in One Solution

Our all in one solution means we can repair as well as restore your property.

What you can do whilst waiting for the flood doctor to arrive

Safety First – It is imperative that you do not risk your health or the health of others when faced with a sewage spill. Sewage spills are highly dangerous and carry harmful pathogens which can cause serious illness or even death. Flood Doctor has a team of professionals that can deal with every aspect of a sewage clean up. However, there are things you can do whilst waiting for the Flood Doctor to arrive, only if it is safe for you to do so:

– Make the area safe. In a commercial building this could be using barriers to close off the area and putting up warning signs. If it is in your home then restrict access and keep children and pets away.
– Switch off electricity and water supply.
– Open doors and windows
– Turn off air conditioning systems (if sewage droplets enter the system it can cause damage).
– Remove dry, uncontaminated items.
– Notify your insurance company (it may be useful to take photos at this stage in case they are needed for your insurance claim) – Thoroughly wash your hands.

How to Identify a Sewage Spill

Sewage waste is water matter, such as faeces or dirty water which flows into your main sewage system, it is not the water that flows into your storm drain. Sewage waste is directed to local treatment plants so it can be made safe before being discharged into the environment. If you are unsure if the spill is sewage then give us a call and speak with one of our experts today.

Once members of the Flood Doctor team have carried out their remediation work and have made the area safe again, they will provide you with a hygiene certificate to confirm the work has been carried out correctly. Our experts can also help you to identify if there is anything to be done to help prevent the risk of a sewage spill happening again. 

Need a Sewage Cleanup Expert?