Domestic and Commercial Damp and Moisture Survey

Flood Doctor have a team of highly trained specialists, who conduct comprehensive damp and moisture surveys on both residential and commercial properties.

As the name would suggest, Flood Doctor only specialises in flood and water damage remediation. All of our specialists are experts in water damage inspection and restoration services and are BDMA (British Damage Management Association) qualified and Dewpoint accredited.

Damp and moisture may be a result of water entering your building from the outside, leaks, rising damp or condensation within your property.

Sometimes it is not clear what the source of excess moisture is in a property. Common areas of damp can be found in the loft, bathrooms, basements, building facades and conservatories. 

You can rely on us to complete a thorough damp and moisture survey in order to fully understand the level of the damp and moisture problem, which areas of your building are affected, what the causation is and what you need to do to rectify the problem.

14:26 19 Apr 21
I contacted FloodDoctor regarding some mould inside a flat roof void, I was able to speak to someone straight away who was knowledgeable and able to provide me with a competitive price to deal with the problem.Being a builder myself, they were happy for me to expose the area as needed which was an added bonus. I'll happily use them again in future if needed.
Tim DeeTim Dee
20:52 14 Nov 20
Pawel from Flood Doctor provided a fantastic service for fairly major leaks/flooding in two different properties.The initial response time was super quick with a very thorough assessment and execution of what was needed. Extremely professional service from start to finish, a great job done and a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend.
Mark SimmonsMark Simmons
21:40 26 Mar 20
I always have some trepidation using a contractor for the first time who has not been recommended to me, but Pawel at Flooddoctor changed my perception of this. He was first rate. He was incredibly responsive and professional. His work was neat and tidy. His fees were reasonable and transparent. And he took real pride in his work. You can see he enjoyed what it did. In short, he turned a very stressful situation of a basement under water into something that was more than manageable. Can’t recommend him highly enough. MS
Damon StillDamon Still
20:44 11 Feb 20
We were asked by our insurers to provide them with two quotes for the repair of our flat and Pawel's report just blew me away with the level of detail, and the price was also lower than his competitor.Our flat was thoroughly dried and renovated in no time.Excellent service from Pawel and the team, I cannot recommend highly enough.

Why you need to act fast!

Acting quickly to determine the causation and subsequently rectifying the cause can drastically mitigate additional costs in the future.

Ignoring damp or moisture in your property, can lead to further damage (secondary damage). Even in areas which have not been directly affected.

Following a water damage incident, the internal atmosphere will become very humid, moisture could be absorbed from the air by many materials (e.g. plasterboard, wood) and the moisture levels of these materials could rise sufficiently to support mould growth.

If you have concerns about damp or moisture, call us today to arrange a survey on 0800 285 1447.

What does a damp and moisture survey involve?

We use the best equipment, including the latest generation of moisture meters, thermal cameras, salt testing kits, calcium carbide testers, air and surface sampling for mould and a MJI MAVIC 2 Pro Drone to check the damp, moisture and mould levels in a building.

We will investigate the property to determine the causation and any underlying problems there may be before presenting a solution.

During our survey we carry out a full internal and external inspection, this is a non invasive survey, unless otherwise requested. Our internal checks include walls, plaster, skirting and timbers. Our external checks include, roof, flashing, doors, windows and drainage.

Following the internal and external observations, we will provide you with a full report. Our report will include the following:

  • Property details i.e. age, construction methods, finishes etc
  • Findings from our internal and external checks
  • Moisture mapping
  • Areas of abnormal microbial growth
  • A health and risk assessment
  • Photos
  • Recommendations 

Our reports are written so they are easy to understand and can be forwarded to insurers to back up a claim or used in the process of purchasing a property.

We will follow up with you by telephone after sending the report, to discuss our findings and answer any questions you may have.

Potential health issues caused by damp and moisture

Excess moisture can cause mould to grow and create poor indoor air quality. This can lead to respiratory problems in people and animals, including infections, allergies and asthma. It can also have a negative impact on your immune system. The health implications are more severe for those with poor immune systems, existing skin conditions, young children and the elderly.

If you think you are suffering from health problems as a result of excess moisture in your property, it is important that you seek assistance immediately to prevent your health issues from getting any worse.

Structural issues caused by damp and moisture 

As well as health issues in people and animals; damp, moisture and mould can cause issues with the health of your building.

Damp and moisture enables the growth of fungi in wood, causing it to rot or mould or other microbes to grow.

Plaster can be irreversibly damaged and wallpaper will peel and flake away. You may notice unsightly stains. Brickwork and mortar will weaken and crumble and any metals exposed to excess moisture will rust. Leading to major structural issues which can be a huge safety risk and over time become incredibly expensive to fix.

Categories of water damage

It is widely accepted in the damage management industry that there are four categories of water damage:

  1. Clean Water – such as a leak from plumbing or a fixed appliance
  2. Grey Water – water where some contaminants might be present,  for example, waste water from a washing machine.
  3. Black Water – water which came from an unsanitary source, such as flood water, sewage etc. May contain a variety of contaminants including microorganisms, anionic surfactants, aromatic hydrocarbons, contaminating salts, heavy metals and other hazardous chemicals/substances.
  4. Red Water – water from a source known or suspected to contain hazardous substances for example oil, solvents, fuel etc.

Summary of what is included in the survey:

  • A physical onsite inspection to investigate the level of damp and moisture in your property and to determine the causation, if this is unknown.
  • A detailed, written damp and moisture report.
  • A telephone consultation to discuss the report and to answer any questions that you may have. 
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