Specialist Drying Solutions & Water Damage Repair

We provide bespoke flood drying and water damage restoration services to our clients at the time of need. We promise to provide every service in a cost-effective way and to your highest level of satisfaction.

Flood Doctor is a “one-stop-shop” flood drying and water damage repair services, taking care of all your needs during this difficult time. From the initial response to returning to your property to pre-incident condition, we’ll take care of all the fine details for you.


Mitigate the damage with a quick, fast and effective response from Flood Doctor.

Regardless of the size of the job, with our state of the art drying equipment and technical knowledge, we can help you in every scenario. We specialise in the drying of layered constructions using negative and positive pressure systems. Where others failed, we succeed. From small residential claims to large and complex commercial projects, we do it all.

Our experts will come to you, assess the situation and provide you with our diagnosis; alongside recommendations containing further steps (if necessary).

Certified Professionals

We are certified by the British Damage Management Association.

Available 24 Hours

Regardless of when your incident occurs, we are on-hand to help 24 hours a day.

emergency response

Emergency Response

Our emergency response times mean we can mobilize and be with you within 2 hours.

All in One Solution

Our all in one solution means we can repair as well as restore your property.

Types of Professional Drying Services We Offer

Traditional Drying

The most common type of drying method utilising refrigerant dehumidifiers and air movers. This drying system employs refrigerant dehumidifiers which capable of removing large amounts of water vapour from the air, in conjunction with air movers which are used to disturb the boundary layer on the surface of building materials. It works great in initial stages of the drying (depending on construction) however this method of drying has severe limitations especially in a modern building with floor/ceiling voids and wall cavities where moisture can be trapped.

Target Drying

Target drying utilises heat/energy to remove moisture from the subsurface of the building material. Dry air is pumped into the enclosure, which creates a microclimate with very low vapour pressure; wet building material will have a high vapour pressure due to high moisture content. Water vapour moves from an area of high vapour pressure to the area with low vapour pressure to reach a balance/equilibrium.

This drying method is useful when drying dense building materials; additionally we are focusing all energy on drying a specific area rather than the entire room/building.

Specialist Drying

Specialist drying or otherways knows as injection drying is an alternative to extensive strip out works when water/moisture penetrates into the sub-floor voids and wall cavities.

Most of the modern buildings will have cavity walls and sub-floor voids with thermal or acoustic insulation below the floor or within the walls.

Removal of the excess moisture from these hard to reach areas will be impossible using traditional drying techniques. That’s where specialist drying comes into action, by utilising negative (pull) and positive (push) pressure systems we can remove moisture or even standing water from those difficult to access areas.

High Capacity “Speed” Drying

This method uses trailer-mounted units which are essentially big desiccants which produce high volumes of hot moving air at low relative humidity. This system heats the air and adds heat energy to the building materials to speed up the evaporation rate. This is very useful with severely saturated properties or on a large commercial project.

There are limitations, as to where this system can be deployed, high temperature may cause damage to some of the building materials for example, wood, contents should be removed to prevent damage etc.

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