Pigeon and Bat Guano Cleaning

Flood Doctor offers a comprehensive bird guano clean up service. We can safely remove and dispose of all bird guano, fully cleaning and disinfecting all affected areas.

If you require our pigeon guano removal service, please call us today on 0800 285 1447

Why should you remove bird guano build up?

Bird guano, also known as bird poop or bird droppings, can cause a number of issues. It can affect the appearance of buildings and it can cause damage to building materials as well as having a negative impact on people’s health.

Generally, the major issues are with pigeon droppings, but bat droppings also cause problems.

Pigeon guano removal is necessary for many reasons:

  • It is acidic and can corrode the surfaces it comes into contact with, causing costly repairs.
  • A build up of pigeon guano can cause a very strong and nasty smell.
  • Pigeon and bat guano carry health risks to people who come into contact with it.
  • Wet pigeon poop can cause areas to become slippery, leading to accidents which can result in people being hurt and potential expensive legal claims.
  • If bird or bat guano enters ventilation or air conditioning units it can cause damage, resulting in costly repairs.

14:26 19 Apr 21
I contacted FloodDoctor regarding some mould inside a flat roof void, I was able to speak to someone straight away who was knowledgeable and able to provide me with a competitive price to deal with the problem.Being a builder myself, they were happy for me to expose the area as needed which was an added bonus. I'll happily use them again in future if needed.
Tim DeeTim Dee
20:52 14 Nov 20
Pawel from Flood Doctor provided a fantastic service for fairly major leaks/flooding in two different properties.The initial response time was super quick with a very thorough assessment and execution of what was needed. Extremely professional service from start to finish, a great job done and a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend.
Mark SimmonsMark Simmons
21:40 26 Mar 20
I always have some trepidation using a contractor for the first time who has not been recommended to me, but Pawel at Flooddoctor changed my perception of this. He was first rate. He was incredibly responsive and professional. His work was neat and tidy. His fees were reasonable and transparent. And he took real pride in his work. You can see he enjoyed what it did. In short, he turned a very stressful situation of a basement under water into something that was more than manageable. Can’t recommend him highly enough. MS
Damon StillDamon Still
20:44 11 Feb 20
We were asked by our insurers to provide them with two quotes for the repair of our flat and Pawel's report just blew me away with the level of detail, and the price was also lower than his competitor.Our flat was thoroughly dried and renovated in no time.Excellent service from Pawel and the team, I cannot recommend highly enough.

Why is it important to instruct professionals to carry out pigeon guano removal?

No one really wants the job of cleaning up bird poop but there is an important reason why you should call in the professionals. When it is distbured dried bird or bat poop can release spores that once inhaled can make you very ill. So by using a professional bird guano removal service, you can be assured that it will be done safely and not risk the health of people in the affected areas.

It is classed as hazardous waste, so once the pigeon guano removal has been completed, it needs to be disposed of safely.

Why use Flood Doctor to deal with pigeon guano removal?

  • We will carry out a full inspection and risk assessment, to enable us to provide you with a full remediation plan. This will include recommendations for bird deterrents where possible.
  • We will carry out the service at a time to suit you, with minimum disruption.
  • All of our technicians will wear full PPE and ensure necessary areas are sectioned off to enable safe removal.
  • If removal is at height, our technicians have all the correct equipment and will follow safety regulations at all times.
  • We will remove and safely dispose of all bird and bat droppings.
  • We will thoroughly clean the area and neutralise bad smells.
  • We can provide before and after photos, showing the work completed.

Why are bird droppings so harmful to your health?

It is well known that birds carry disease. These diseases are therefore found in bird droppings. Although it is never a good idea to touch bird droppings, people are more likely to become ill from breathing in dried guarno particles, when it has been disturbed, than from wet droppings. The same applies to bat droppings.

People are most likely to become ill from breathing in bird guano are the young, elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

Diseases found in bird guano:

  • Cryptococcus – a yeast-like fungus.
  • Salmonella, a bacterial infection which can cause symptoms such as diarrhea.
  • Psittacosis, a flu-like illness.
  • Histoplasmosis – this causes fever, cough, fatigue, headache, body aches and chest pain.

Common areas where a build up of bird droppings can occur

Both internal and external areas of buildings can be impacted by bird guarno. Pigeons look for areas where they can have access to food, water and shelter. So can often be found in the roofs of buildings.

Car parks, especially those that are sheltered as part of shopping centers, can experience huge amounts of bird guano build up. It can be off-putting for people if a car park is covered in bird guano as it can make the area feel deserted and unsafe.  It can also damage the paintwork on cars, so people may not wish to use a car park where large volumes are visible.

Hospitals can also be affected by bird guano, it is crucial that these areas are kept clean as they are visited by those most vulnerable. 

One off or Periodic Cleaning

Flood Doctor offers both one off and periodic pigeon guano cleaning.

If you have an area that is badly affected and bird removal or deterrents are not possible, then you can arrange for us to do regular cleaning. To keep the area looking nice and preventing a build up, protecting the building and the health of employees and visitors.

If you would like more information on our pigeon guano removal service, please give Flood Doctor a call today on 0800 285 1447

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