Flooded Basement and Sewage Cleanup

Background and Brief

We were contacted in May 2021 by a distressed pub owner. A failed sub pump in the large basement of their pub had caused a sewage backup. There was severe sewage contamination and water damage.

Obstacles and Challenges

When a pub experiences a flood it is always important that downtime is minimised. This is especially vital during the current climate as pubs have been closed on and off over the past year and have only recently been allowed to open up again. We were therefore aware of how important it was to remediate the damage and have the pub back up and running in the shortest time possible.

We had our team onsite within hours of the call.

The entire floor, lower walls, fitted furniture, plants, machinery and pub stock had sustained water damage and sewage contamination.

Our Solution

We immediately began the sewage cleanup process. We started by extracting the standing water using sub pumps and industrial wet vacs.

Our team of highly skilled technicians then cleaned and sanitised all affected building surfaces and contents, this was completed within 2 days.

Some items had to be classed as non-salvageable. These items were listed and photographs were taken for insurance purposes. They were all then safely disposed of.

We carried out ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) swab testing before and after the sewage cleanup to validate our cleaning process. ATP is found in and around living cells, the testing identifies the level of ATP present on surfaces and can therefore tell you if a surface has been properly cleaned.

Once the decontamination process was complete, we installed drying equipment to remove excess moisture from the fabric of the building.

We provided the pub owner with a hygiene certificate to confirm the work we had carried out.

Our fast response meant the pub could reopen in just two days after the incident occurred and the drying was completed in 14 days.