North London – Target Drying

A leak from the radiator in the bedroom upstairs has caused damage to a section of the wall in the dining room.

Our client has appointed a plumber to fix the leak and instructed us to dry the affected wall.

We have attended the property carried out a moisture survey to clarify how far has the water spread. Due to the amount of moisture in the wall the plaster has come away from the brickwork behind which meant that section of the blown plaster had to be removed.

However, before we could remove the plaster and install drying equipment, we had to make sure that the floor will not get damaged in the process and that dust created during these works will not contaminate other parts of the property.

As such we have protected the floor and encapsulated the area where we were going to work to prevent dust spreading outside. The doors leading to the adjacent rooms have been tapped off using masking tape.

Once the works have been completed, our team has cleaned up and installed drying equipment. Our technicians visited the property once a week to check on the progress and after two weeks of drying the moisture levels have decreased to acceptable/safe levels, drying equipment has been removed, and drying certificate has been issued.

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