Basildon – Leak in Bathroom

Leaking water supply pipe to the shower located in the first-floor bathroom has resulted in water damage to the walls & floor in the bathroom as well as damage to the partition wall dividing hallway and lounge on the ground floor. The incident occurred just before Christmas, which made the matters even worst for our client.

Our team has arrived on site within an hour of us receiving instructions from the client.

We have carried out a moisture survey and taken photographs which were included in our report to the insurers.

Although the hallway wall has also been affected, we have decided to dry this wall from the lounge side as this wall has already been water stained.

By doing so, we have reduced the claim cost as there was no need for any reinstatement works in the hallway.

Affected areas have been encapsulated and dry warm air feed into the enclosure to speed up the drying process. Our equipment was so quiet that it didn't have to be switched off even at nights, which resulted in a swift drying process. Moisture levels in the bathroom decreased rapidly, and we have removed drying equipment from this room after seven days from installation, the following week, we have also removed equipment from the lounge.

Our client's insurers reimbursed him fully for our services.

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