Sewage Cleaning in Streatham


We were contacted by a client in Streatham regarding a flooded basement in her rental property. We were informed that the water had entered the property 5 days earlier and had gone stagnant.

Obstacles and Challenges

When we attended the property we began preparing the area in order to start the process of extracting the water, sanitising the basement and installing a dehumidifier. The tenant who was residing at the property then advised us that the water in the basement was in fact sewage water and there had been a problem in the basement for a few weeks. 

He then explained that several contractors had visited the property in an attempt to find out why the basement had water in it and also to deal with sewage backing up in the property. Thames Water were called in to clear the blockage which had been located somewhere outside of the property. 

The back garden appeared to be contaminated by sewage as there was a hole which had been dug up by other contractors next to the manhole which was filled with sewage contaminated water. Thames water continued in their attempt to identify and clear the blockage.

The Solution

The flood in the basement still needed to be dealt with whilst attempts were being made to identify why it was in the basement. A through sewage cleaning service was required.

On the 18th February whilst wearing the full required personal protective equipment, we laid down sheeting on the hallway carpet and laminate floor covering prior to starting work.

We used a large Numatic wet vacuum to extract the sewage contaminated water. Whilst we were removing the water we noticed more sewage contaminated water was entering the property, in total we removed approximately 300 liters of the contaminated water.

We then applied sanitising solution as best as possible to the basement steps and hall floor around the entrance to the basement.

We installed a refrigerant dehumidifier into the basement to try and prevent any secondary damage.

When the blockage has been located and cleared the dehumidifier will help dry the basement.

If you have experienced water damage and you believe the water is contaminated (sewage), call the Flood Doctor today on 0800 285 1447.

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